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SPATIAL EARTH established with a purpose to add a ‘spatial’ aspect in the consultancy and implementation of Geographical Information System (GIS) & Remote

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“Creating a digital world” is our vision. Hard work, trust and courteous relationships are our key strengths for achieving your business goals. We are committed to develop such relationships with our clients and the people of our company.

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Spatial Earth is committed for professional support in geospatial services and solutions dedicated for all the customers. A strong tradition of providing high quality services, understanding government, private and local organization's operations and commitment to our clients allows SPATIAL EARTH to stand in the competent market with outstanding profile.

Flexible & Customizable.


SPATIAL EARTH seeks you as an alliance partner to support your solution and create worldwide business opportunities together. Alliance with key industry experts can enhance growth and the end customer gets benefited with quality solution.

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Spatial Earth is committed for professional support in geospatial services and solutions dedicated for all the customers.


Spatial Earth embraces every industry including Banking, Insurance, Logistics and Media.


National, State and local Governments trust our geospatial technology solutions to establish

Natural Resources

SPATIAL EARTH delivers geospatial technology solutions in natural resources management


Geospatial technology becomes a powerful tool in the Utility sector for Power, electricity,

Environmental Management & Conservation

We provide our geospatial technological solutions & services worldwide in ecology

Science & Education

SPATIAL EARTH embraces research and development, libraries and museums, schools,


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Spatial Earth is committed for professional support in geospatial and solutions dedicated for all the customers


Provide outstanding Geospatial and Remote Sensing Technology Services, mapping solution, and professional support with commanding and integrated business solutions to our clients to enable them to achieve their goals



Optimized for IoT and Big Data

Internet of Things (IoT) – The Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-networking of all the physical devices including Smart Phones, vehicles, buildings etc to collect and exchange data. IoT can connect number of devices engaged in different systems to the internet. Digital representation of the devices or objects or anything else enables us to control it, capture more data from anywhere. Organisations can use IoT platforms for making business smoother & smarter through improved productivity, process efficiency and proper device or object or asset utilization.

Big Data – Big Data is a term refers for the extremely vast & complex datasets, both Unstructured & Structured that may be analysed to reveal its trends, patterns and associations. Big data comprises of large volume of datasets, wide variety of data types and the velocity with which the data processes. Big Data technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and data management, processes & analytics etc can help in better decision making and transforming growth oriented business activities.

What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Spatial Earth is a quick and effective team that really cares for their clients success.

Amit Jadhav, Director, GridInfo, United Kingdom
Customer Testimonails

We greatly appreciate Spatial Earth's creativity and guidance in GIS & RS technology.

Rama Murali, Director, Kits Geo Tech Ltd, India

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Mahesh Tarle

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Vishwas Nirgude